Thursday, January 28, 2010

AndreasGoodies Feature. Custom Wedding Favors.

Are you looking for favors for you wedding? You should get them from AndreasGoodies! This talented Etsian creates custom cookie favors. They are adorable decorated and are only $1.50 per. cookie!

Here is what Andrea has to say: I am a mom of two young boys and my main job is staying at home and taking care of them. I also am the wife of a pastor and love to support him in his ministry. Baking is one of my favorite things to do. I have always made goodies for family events but at some point I started doing more.
The first major event that started my whole quest was when I had a friend who was getting married and she needed an idea for favors. I really wanted to help her so I was trying to think of what I could do for her. I decided to make her custom decorated sugar cookies for her special day. They went with her color scheme and were personalized with her wedding date, names,etc. Everyone loved them! I remember when I was at the wedding I wanted to find one to eat and they were ALL gone! No kidding....not a single one in sight.
And that's how it all started. I started to think....what other special events can I make these for. And it didn't stop with cookies. I now bake/make all kinds of things for weddings, parties, birthdays, etc.
I think my favorite part of baking my custom items is being able to contribute to someone's special day. I love to hear about a theme/color scheme, or a little about the VIP and make something special just for them. I rarely make two items that are the same. I find myself hearing about themes and thinking "hmm....what can I make to go perfectly with that." Or I see a a theme and think..."what can I make that will match that." I truly love to bake and have sine I was a little girl (although I do think I am a little better now.) :)